Car Wheel Trims

Car Wheel Trims

Also known as hubcap, a wheel trim is basically a small disk cover over the center of an automobile wheel, that is, the rim. Just like any other part of a car, the wheel trim serves a vital role in the proper maintenance of the car. The hubcap is designed to fit perfectly over the rim and can be snapped in place with quiet ease. Due to variation of the road on which one drives on, the wheels are prone to certain hazards. The fact is that wheel trims protect the wheels from debris, accumulation of dust, moisture which could lead to corrosion and sunlight.

• Characteristics and design.

In the current world, plastic has greatly replaced steel as the main material used in making wheel trims. The wheel trim will often bear the symbol of the manufacturer. When designed wrongly, the wheel trims have a tendency of falling off. This has resulted to different attachment methods that’s have been engineered to help solve the problem. Generally, the wheel trims usually use spring steel clips, clip-on retention or use of bolts that fastens the wheel trim on the rim.

Another amazing wheel trim that has been engineered is the non-rotating wheel trim. It normally retains its orientation even when the vehicle is in motion. The design allows for advertisement messages to be placed since they can be read even when the car is moving.

• Tips for buying.

It is always important to look for OEM parts when purchasing a new wheel trim. This ensures you get quality items though there are second hand in the market, it is advisable to spend a little more bucks so as to avoid inconveniences in the future. Also ensure the wheel trim fits perfectly for proper grip.

• Maintenance.

Unless it is necessary, avoid taking off the wheel trim. This is because, the more often they are taken off, the more likely the clips will become loose or even break. It is no doubt that they serve an important role in the protection and maintaining aesthetic features of the car, but they are also very delicate hence great care should be taken.


We all know how hectic replacing damaged tires can be. It is therefore advisable not to leave your tire naked all year with the sun beating on it. Get a wheel trim that will keep your wheel strong for longer days!